From a Fellow Classmate: The McDonald’s Giveaway


Hey Tiffani!

Many of us are living comfortably and enjoying the necessities we have available to us. Since our last recession and  instabilities in our market, there are still many unfortunate people out there without homes and without a comfortable living. Some not even having enough for decent meal 😦

I have a task for you that will definitely brighten someones day! It was be such an awesome thing if you could give out some McDonald’s meals to several homeless individuals around the area. The smallest efforts and even a little thing like this will help give back and make a person’s day better.

Every little thing counts. Good Luck!



One response to “From a Fellow Classmate: The McDonald’s Giveaway

  • tbduong


    Thanks for the great suggestion! This was definitely a cool experience. I gave this task a go out over in the Pacific Beach area and I was able to hand out 4 meals over a weekend. But I will report on one particular man that I came across.

    I purchased a couple of meals consisting of a cheeseburger, large fries, and a soda. These of course were paired with an assortment of condiments. I then embarked on my quest. I came across a man, maybe in his 40s or 50s that I recognized from an evening I had spent in PB. I remembered that he had played quite skillfully on his beloved guitar. He told me his name was Bill. He went on to give me a high five and told me about how he had always wanted to be in a band, but “sometimes life just happens.” He was a jolly guy who was just enjoying life even though he’s living a rough one. A trait that I really admire.

    I pulled out the meal out of my bag and I gave it to him. The look on his face was pure shock. He was speechless. Bill flashed a 500 watt smile and thanked me and even offered to play me a song! I told him it was okay and to go on enjoying his meal. He gave me another high five and told me to take it easy and that “good karma comes to people like you.”

    Moments like that are so rewarding. Seeing the genuine reaction from something you good you have done is always a great feeling. I have always enjoyed volunteering and doing this solidified my love for it. The look on peoples’ faces when you help them out, even the smallest deed , can go a long way. So take a tiny time out of your busy day to appreciate the little things we have that many people do not. And don’t forget skip any opportunity to make someone smile! 🙂


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