Target shopper: Vegetarian for a Day



Hey Alvin,

Did you know animal agriculture contributes heavily to pollution and carbon dioxide emissions in the world? Aside from religious, health, or ethical reasons, vegetarianism is also much more eco-friendly than eating meat.

Try being vegetarian for a day. You’ll reduce your carbon footprint, fighting against forces like global warming, and contribute to a greener, more sustainable world.


One response to “Target shopper: Vegetarian for a Day

  • Alvin To


    Thanks for the suggestion!

    I had a great time being vegetarian for a day. At first I thought it would be difficult, but it ended up being pretty easy and actually was enjoyable. Perhaps if it had been for a longer duration, like a couple days to a week, I may have started to struggle.

    I started the day off with an egg and cheese biscuit, opting to skip the bacon. Later on I went to an Indian lunch buffet, which had many delicious vegetarian options. Then for dinner I made myself a salad with some soup and bread. In between meals I snacked on fruits and crackers.

    Although I had to make the conscious decision to avoid meat throughout the day, I didn’t really feel bothered by it. I think knowing my cause in the back of my head motivated me, and I was happy to be having a positive impact in the world by something as easy as choosing what I eat. The day also revealed to me how prevalent vegetarian options are now in restaurants and other food places, and that the number of vegetarians is really growing (in California at least).

    Vegetarianism has numerous benefits for the world, and I highly respect all those who have committed to it. Nevertheless, I just love meat too much to give it up for my whole life. Thanks for giving me the perspective though, and I will definitely think more about where the meat comes from when I order food, and perhaps sometimes get the vegetarian option. And maybe I’ll sprinkle in a few more days like this every once in a while.


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