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Hi there!Spare Change

A lot of stores these days will ask you to donate to a charity they are raising money for. Some ask for a dollar and some will just ask for change to round to the nearest dollar. Every little bit helps for these charities! So try doing it for a week:) – Lucy

One response to “Fellow Gym Enthusiast

  • kennamisaye

    Thank you for your thoughtful request! The past week I have taken note of all the companies that offer customers the opportunity to donate to worthwhile organizations. There is a surprisingly large amount of stores and businesses that now take part in providing services/support for charities. Every time I have had the chance to donate to one of these benefits, I have taken it. Sometimes it’s just spare change into a tip jar, but other times it’s donating a bag of coffee to troops across the world.

    Recognizing all of these opportunities has made me also very aware of the types of companies that support such functions. I now keep in mind what companies are trying to do their part in the world, and have gained respect for those that take the initiative to encourage love, support, and compassion to their customers.

    Having this hyper acuity for a week has influenced me to no longer just brush donation jars off. Although I do not have much money to spare, I know that I am still very fortunate for everything that I have. I now empty the spare change from my pockets to these organizations, rather than simply observing them.

    Best wishes,

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