CorePower Yogi: Selfless Act for Stranger or the Earth


It was a pleasure meeting you – love your energy!

I met a woman named Jo last week, and she volunteers her own time to pick up trash along the beach – even pulls recyclable items from trashcans that can’t be reimbursed for money and recycles herself. She combs about a two mile stretch – almost daily.

Her reasoning is to keep the earth clean and pure, less floating garbage in the ocean…her service to this world is beautiful.

My request to you: What selfless act can you do for a stranger or the earth? They or the earth don’t even need to know you are doing it for them…just come from a sincere place of love.

Thanks for doing this – very inspiring, brings me to tears.


One response to “CorePower Yogi: Selfless Act for Stranger or the Earth

  • cindycng


    I thought and thought about this request for days, trying to think of what it was that I could do to help or better others. The possibilities were literally endless, but choosing a time, place, and act seemed more difficult than it should be – until the situation came up itself.

    I was walking through the field and playground to get to the North University Public Library to pick up a book for my class when I saw a family in the parking lot unloading boxes of decorations and food to one of the nearby picnic tables. The parents were taking turns carrying the heavier items while the kids, though attempting to help, ended up simply playing around. Able-bodied and with some time to spare, I went up to ask the mother if they needed some help and she gladly accepted. With the three of us adults and slightly better-behaved kids (probably since I, a stranger, was there), we moved the rest of their picnic items in just a few trips and had it set up nicely on the tables.

    Though there were various acts I brainstormed on doing (now compiled into a bucket-list of sorts), I realized that the opportunities to help are everywhere – it’s just about consciously reaching out and offering what you can.

    Thanks for opening my eyes to all the different ways I can contribute! I will definitely try to make all the extra efforts in my daily life.


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