Influx Cafe: Mentor @ Nieu Communities – Life Story


It was great to meet you today and hear some of your heart behind your vision. I want to hear more. This is my challenge for you: to share your life story with me and a few friends from Nieucommunities and allow us to speak back to you what we see and pray for you. We want to listen.  – David Jauregui

Great being with you Keith and seeing your heart, home, and hope!
-Rob Yackley

It was an honor to meet you! Thank you for sharing your story with us. 🙂
-Christiana Rice

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One response to “Influx Cafe: Mentor @ Nieu Communities – Life Story

  • krdonohue

    Dear Nieu Communities Family,

    I started this blog to help others but you ‘flipped the table’ and moved me in a positive direction.

    I wasn’t sure how sharing my life story about myself would be beneficial for anybody..the cool thing is all you did was listen, and you got excited for my dreams which made me believe…confirmed my soul can manifest my destiny to live a positive life with passion.

    After all the storytelling, you prayed for me with the support of Jesus which gave me the sense you cared about me and genuinely want me to bring this positive vibe alive. I thank you for the kind prayers.

    To all who want to know more about this positive group who is packed love then check out their site below:

    Much love for the love.


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