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Pt.Loma Barista: Falling Whistles for 50Give


Hey it’s Ian! There is a cause that has become really important to me. The story of the children whose lives have been displaced, and bodies destroyed because of the war in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Children are taken from their homes at a very young age, trained and forced to go into battle. The children who are too small to hold and fire guns are given whistles and sent to the front lines! there they are told to blow the whistles when they see “the enemy”. Obviously they are the first casualties in the battle. The idea of this going on in the world i live in hurts bad.

The Falling Whistles Campaign (takes it’s name from the whistles the kids are to blow) raises money for the advocacy and rehabilitation of these children. The money is raised through the proceeds of a necklace fashioned from a whistle. My request is a simple one, take MY whistle necklace and wear it on your journey, research this amazing organization at
and share the story. Spread the word, and the website info… You know where I am, or email me a time we can meet, to give you my whistle! Don’t worry, i will get another one! Thanks Keith, for what you are doing, and for letting me share this with you and your readers!

Influx Cafe: Mentor @ Nieu Communities – Life Story


It was great to meet you today and hear some of your heart behind your vision. I want to hear more. This is my challenge for you: to share your life story with me and a few friends from Nieucommunities and allow us to speak back to you what we see and pray for you. We want to listen.  – David Jauregui

Great being with you Keith and seeing your heart, home, and hope!
-Rob Yackley

It was an honor to meet you! Thank you for sharing your story with us. 🙂
-Christiana Rice