Tea Room Storyteller: Homeless Dinner @ In-N-Out Burger

I think it would be really cool if you were to take out a homeless teen for lunch at In n’ Out. That would give you a chance to enjoy the wonders of In n’ Out, and also see what the day to day life of a homeless teen is like. Best of luck!

-Tea Room Storyteller

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One response to “Tea Room Storyteller: Homeless Dinner @ In-N-Out Burger

  • krdonohue

    Dear Tea Room Storyteller,

    I found a young man with a cane at on the corner of In-N-Out, and we shared cheeseburgers prepared ‘animal’ style (I think thousand island dressing).

    He is little older than a teenager who has been homeless ever since he injured his leg while painting on the job. His days are like this: rise in Tijuana at 8am from an $18 hotel, boards a trolley entering the U.S. and waits at Customs for about 2 hours (no passport – takes longer), and makes approximately $50 a day soliciting strangers about 7 hours a day in Old Town, San Diego. He is saving money now to buy a cell phone to aid with landing a job.

    I wasn’t trying to prove a point, just wanted to feed him (he actually gave half his burger to another homeless person that walked through the door). He has ‘chosen’ to be homeless and it takes a while to comprehend why. Then I realized to drop my judgment and let him be. What startled me was his kindness to share his burger…he passed the favor on.

    I now think twice when I pass any homeless person, what is their story, and not to judge them…because I don’t have a clue of their past. People say to tell the homeless when approached that they give money/donations to local shelters…I dig that a bunch and I will seek out one near me.

    Thank you for your burger gift…it will keep giving.


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