Starbucks Grad Student: No cell, text, email!

As a future counselor (school), I innately put others first. In turn, I also spend quite a bit of time throughout my day talking to family members and friends. So as one can imagine, I often find myself putting things off that I should be getting done. I recently came to the realization that “being connected” all of the time is not conducive to productivity and above all my sanity lol. However, as much as I would love to chuck my blackberry out the window and check out of gchat for the week it’s not realistic. I simply cannot not answer a call from my dad, or an urgent bbm from Pauly d yadda yadda. So I guess a wish for me, as I forge through my first draft of a journal article late in the evening would be to go without a cell for day! Have someone else answer my calls, bbms, texts, e-mails, and gchats…


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2 responses to “Starbucks Grad Student: No cell, text, email!

  • Keith

    Starbucks Grad!

    Wow, the first out-of-the-box request (only 2nd positive present request)! I feel you and understand that technology keeps humans in contact every second while they are awake.

    You made me think about anticipation….how it’s lost with a quick text. What happened to making plans a week in advance to have dinner, see a movie, or just hang out…now text, emails, instant messages change plans a hundred times over and make the moments of life fast, and living becomes doing. What about romance? You meet that special person and you get the giddys/freshness hoping they will communicate within a few hours, you need that instant gratification asap.

    I think you are feeling the need to stop the constant chatter, the what is next feeling, and to bring presence in your life…so below are two wishes for you.

    1) I will dedicate one day and be your Personal Communication Butler. Where applicable, please set-up auto-replies as below:

    “Please contact my Personal Communication Butler (PCB) today, since I am unavailable for contact until tomorrow. My PCB will also handle all emergencies.

    Keith Donohue


    Do not answer any texts, phone calls, emails, etc. If it’s an emergency they will contact me or call 911…and I will contact you if something does need attention. I would urge you to be around loved ones this day and if no love is present then make it a movie marathon day, Barnes & Noble day, volunteer day, wellness day filled with yoga, meditation, and a massage. Please make a plan and stick with it.

    SEND THE DATE for me to Dominate…Don’t hesitate!

    2) I too will take a day away from any electronic communication from the moment I wake up until I fall asleep. I hope it will bring about a positive lesson and that I do something productive for myself and others this day.

    Thanks for the request and I hope to hear from you soon.

  • krdonohue

    I finally took a day off from my cell/email/text…all electronic communication, and it cleared the mind and soul. I hope to make a habit of this to refresh my brain and thinking on a weekly or monthly basis.

    The day also reconnected me to nature which is very important to understand since we wouldn’t exist without the earth.

    Thanks for this gift.

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