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Starbucks Grad Student: No cell, text, email!

As a future counselor (school), I innately put others first. In turn, I also spend quite a bit of time throughout my day talking to family members and friends. So as one can imagine, I often find myself putting things off that I should be getting done. I recently came to the realization that “being connected” all of the time is not conducive to productivity and above all my sanity lol. However, as much as I would love to chuck my blackberry out the window and check out of gchat for the week it’s not realistic. I simply cannot not answer a call from my dad, or an urgent bbm from Pauly d yadda yadda. So I guess a wish for me, as I forge through my first draft of a journal article late in the evening would be to go without a cell for day! Have someone else answer my calls, bbms, texts, e-mails, and gchats…