Ursie of Bethesda, Maryland: Dog Adoption

In light of all things kind and generous, I was given a rescue cat this past Christmas. Totally changed my life around, gave me something to talk to, vent to, and play with; something that was unable to judge… or feel sorrow.
I’ve always wanted to give something back to animal shelters, particularly no-kill shelters. Volunteer time, money, publicity, endless. There are many in the local area, and one in particular: Purrs and Paws in Lake Geroge, NY http://www.purrsandpawsrescue.org/.

Be one with the small and the fuzzy, and the big and the shaggy.

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One response to “Ursie of Bethesda, Maryland: Dog Adoption

  • krdonohue


    Mission doggie dominated! I donated to the local non-kill animal shelter Montgomery County SPCA – Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (http://www.mcspca.org/default.asp) and voluntered for their pet adoption day at Bark! (http://www.barknatural.com/).

    Your wish gave me a better understanding of the thousands of animals that need homes and information about spaying and neutering.

    This was the first Positive Present activity and the most important thing that I learned was to give, just give and not to think of the positive benefits it will have for me. Hopefully giving becomes a habit and second nature…I will keep practicing.

    Thank you Ursie for the gift.

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